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Schedule Report

The Schedule Report displays the awards for all employees in a graphical format, and can also display the open time blocks and shadow bidder blocks.

To view the schedule report:

  1. Click the Run Manager tab.

  2. Click the Completed tab.

  3. Select the category from the column on the right. The completed runs for that category are shown on the left.

  4. Select the completed run that you want to generate a Schedule Report for. You can generate a Schedule Report for completed and published runs.

    • NOTE: If you want to generate a Schedule Roster Report using default values, you can opt to select the Scheduler button from the right side menu. Doing this bypasses the next steps, and can save time where a simple Schedule Roster is needed.

  5. Click the Reports button. The N-PBS Scheduler displays the Run Reports screen.

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  6. You can set the options for the Schedule Report such as:

    • displaying open time lines displays the blocks of open pairings at the end of the schedule report.

    • showing shadow bidder’s virtual pairings displays the blocks awarded to shadow bidders.

    • showing bidders flagged as ineligible.

    • splitting apart working and non-working activities displays working and non-working activities on completely separate lines.

    • showing employee IDs.

    • adding colors exclude absence - choose whether to highlight pairing and reserve lines in color.

    • sorting by seniority or employee number determines how the schedule report is organized.

  7. Click the Generate Reports button. 

    • The N-PBS Scheduler generates the report from the selected run results and displays the schedule report in a separate window.

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  1. After you close the window, click the Done button to return to the list of completed runs.

On the schedule, carry-in carry-out pairings are indicated by an asterisk (*), International pairings by a plus (+), and SpecialOverseasTransoceanic International pairings by a hatch (#).

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