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Save Your Bid

Note: Saving your bid is not the same as submitting your bid. A saved bid is never submitted. You can save and submit your bid as many times as you want. Refer to Bid Types for further information on Current, Default, and Training bids and when you can submit your bid.

Save Your Bid

 The Active Save button is active if you have made changes to your bid and have not saved it yet.

 The Inactive Save button is inactive if you have not made any changes to your bid or you have already saved it.

You can save your bid any time that you make changes to it whether you are online or offline. If you are offline, you can save and make changes to your bid, however, you cannot submit your bid. If you are online and have saved your bid but have not submitted it, a reminder displays that  you have saved your but have not submitted it.

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Reminder: If you click the back button on your browser or close the application, you will lose any unsaved changes. You will be prompted to save changes if you log out using the logout button.

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