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N-PBS 21-1 New Features


N-PBS 21-1 New Features 

N-PBS 21-1 New Features 

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Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-533 NKS Training Award by Seat 

When the training events module is configured with seat limits per crew classification, the system enforces the seat limits per crew classification in addition to the overall seat limit. For example, when overall seat limit is 5 sub-limit (CA- 4.FO- 2), the system enforces a limit of 5 overall and sub-limits (CA- 4.FO- 2).

When the crew classification seat limit has already been hit by items awarded to more senior people in the same crew classification, the Reasons report shows the primary reason why the bidder cannot be given an item (typically Training Pattern Instance).

 This functionality allows the training Admin to control the number of trainees that are awarded a training event by each crew classification. 

NPBS-692 JBU Cabin Qualification 

PBS now imports JBU qualifications and converts them into aircraft/position restrictions.

A new Crewmember Equipment-Position Restriction table adds information to the display on the Crewmember details screen. A dropdown menu is populated with all possible combinations of equipment and position; an Admin will be able to add/remove the selected equipment-position restriction.

The System also produces a Mint report which shows any Mint trips that a cabin crewmember has been awarded. 

NPBS-676 HAL Different Credit Window for Lower Seniority 

For HALC Planners doing HALC runs with Target Seniority enabled, the system now uses the Target Seniority number as a starting point to use the Target Credit windows (Min/MAX/Normal/OverSchedule Credit).

The system will still use Reduced Block windows for all crewmembers designated as Reduced Block.

Finally, the Max Min/Max Max credits honored are a single limit across the entire run (both sets of people count towards the same limit). 

NPBS-776 DAL Reduced and Blank Lines - Reduced Regular Lines

This new functionality is similar to Reduced Block, which allows a bidder to create a Reduced Regular Block Bid group.

In this case, the Admin has the ability to set a separate credit window for a bid group and also limit how many bidders are permitted to be awarded Reduced Regular Lines.

When processing a person, if the scheduler encounters a Reduced Regular Line bid group, it processes the bid group according to the parameters set.

This functions similarly to Reduced Block, however the Admin has a Max Awarded limit. If that limit has been reached, the bid group will be denied. Within these bid groups, there may be a set condition notewhich processes the same as other min/max credit bids except they will use the Max Min/Max Regular Reduced Line values.

If a bidder is flagged as Reduced Block and submits a Reduced Regular Line Bid group, that bid group is ignored. In this case, the Reasons report states: Not considered – Reduced Block.

Note: For SLG, the system will try SLG in an unconditional Reduced Regular Line bid group, but not in a conditional Reduced Regular Line Bid group (consistent with normal groups). 

NPBS-776 DAL Reduced and Blank Lines - Reduced Reserve Lines

This functionality creates a new bid group type, Reduced Reserve Line also known as Ultra Long Call. The Admin has the ability to set a separate credit window for this bid group and also a limit of how many bidders are permitted to be awarded Reduced Reserve Lines.

For DAL, the system uses two separate proration tables for the processing of Reduced Reserve Lines:

  • ULC30Default
  • ULC31Default

There is a Max Awarded Limit. If that limit has been reached the bid group will be denied.

If a bidder is flagged as Reduced Block and submits a Reduced Reserve Line bid group, that bid group is ignored. In this case, the Reasons report states: Not considered – Reduced Block.


  • There are no new stats to be added to Dynamic Stats and Run Comparison Report (Excel Export) for all customers and Stats (Configured for DAL only) at this time.


NPBS-596 ACA - Add Allowance to Pairings print from WebApp 

ACA bidders can now include the Allowance column in prints. When viewing the pairing tab in the WebApp, ensure Allowance is selected and then print. The Allowance column will be present similar to the attached screen grab. 

NPBS-794 ACA - Rest Window Before And Rest After Pairing With City Pair 

ACA systems configured with this rule ensure pairings awarded that match the bid criteria include the required rest window before
 and required rest after the pairings. 

NPBS-749 FFT - Change in Training Events Module Junior Assigned Logic 

For FFT pilots, when the system is junior-assigning and would otherwise force an item on a user with an early training requirement, the system will not junior assign to this requirement.

Furthermore, if the system is junior-assigning (or forcing due to Minimum May Go) upon an FFT Pilot with a preassigned vacation and a May Go requirement that would otherwise force an item on the pilot, the system will not junior assign (or force due to Minimum May Go) to this requirement.

NPBS-795 ACA - Award Cut Off Seniority Parameter 

Light grey (242,242,242) text box with dark grey (110,110,110) text positioned  100 pixels in from the left edge and 300 pixels down from the top

ACA Admins processing runs on a system configured for Award Cutoff Seniority parameters will not see any Pairing Lines or Reserve Lines award to crewmembers with seniority numbers greater than what is in the parameter. When two people have reciprocated buddy bids, but the more junior of them is below the cutoff (that is, has seniority number greater than the parameter) then the senior's buddy bid will be ignored, and they will be processed at their own seniority using their own bid.

In these cases, the Reasons report will state: Award Cutoff Seniority Exceeded

NPBS-738 HALC- Remove RestAfterNonInterislandFlightSequence Rule 

The RestAfterNonInterislandFlightSequence rule in the Rule Editor has been removed for HALC planners. 


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