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N-PBS 20-6 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 20-6 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 20-6 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 1 minute to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-835 Rule - Editor: Can Only Edit First Instance of Rules with Multiple Instances 

In instances where different rules share the same name in the Rule Editor, only the first instance of a group of rules with identical names was editable. Going forward, all instances of rules with the same name, but different parameters, are editable.

Note that rules linked to waive bids, and rule parameters that are set on a per-run basis as run parameters cannot be edited.

NPBS-801 - Green on Green Wrongly Including Green Captain Shadow Awards 

We have corrected an issue which caused Shadow Awards assigned to crew members flagged as Green in a parent category to disallow a Shadow or Non-Shadow award to a Green crew member in its child category.

The updated functionality: If a person in a child run (i.e. an FO run) is flagged as Green, then a proposed award of a Pairing-On-Date (including both a real or shadow award) will be disallowed if there was a person in the parent run (i.e. the CA run), who is also flagged as Green, and who has a real (non-shadow) award of the same Pairing-On-Date. 


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