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N-PBS 20-6 New Features


N-PBS 20-6 New Features 

N-PBS 20-6 New Features 

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Detailed Explanation 

NPBS-392 - Training Events Module Auto-Open/Close 

As an Administrator, two new tabs are available under Bidding Scheduler in the Training Events Module, which allow automatic open/close:

  • Pairing / Reserve
  • Training / Events

The Pairing / Reserve tab displays the existing bidding schedule based on the values set for open/close at the top of the section; the Training / Events tab displays all training groups by default, with no category filter. 


The Cancel button on these tabs is now labelled Revert

NPBS-451 - NKS - Allow Intervening Activities Between Training Events 

This new functionality allows for long time intervals between training events within a particular training pattern. The system allows these gaps to be filled with intervening pairing/reserve awards, thus eliminating the need for multiple related training patterns.

 For example, if a training pattern has an event on Day 3 and Day 27, days 4 through 26 are recognized as usable days (days off) to award intervening activities. 

 NPBS-776 - DAL - Monthly Blank Lines 

Eligible bidders can now bid for a Monthly Blank Line. If awarded a Monthly Blank Line, the crew member is removed from any further award processing and does not receive any type of assignment for the current bid period. When exporting awards files from the system, the Monthly Blank Lines are exported as Line Type B. Administrators can limit the number of bidders permitted to receive Monthly Blank.This functionality is only configurable for the Concurrent Reserve Module.

 NPBS-776 - DAL - Monthly Blank Lines 


 NPBS-776 - DAL - Monthly Blank Lines 



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