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Event Bid Structure

When you first navigate to the event bid screen you will  see an empty bid with three system-generated bid lines. Adding Event Bid  Preferences is the same as adding bid preferences into Pairing and Reserve  bid groups.

Start Event

Start Event is always at  the start of the bid and cannot be moved or edited. This bid line instructs  the N-PBS Scheduler to begin building an event block.

Avoid Voluntary Event

Avoid Voluntary Event cannot  be edited but it can be moved anywhere in your bid between Start Event  and Award Event. This bid tells the N-PBS Scheduler that you do not want  to be awarded event if you are not required to. However, you can be forced  voluntary Event based on settings placed by your administrator and your  Seniority.

You cannot avoid Voluntary Event if your Event Requirement  is Must Go.

Award Event

Award Event is always at  the end of your bid and cannot be edited or moved. This bid means Award  Any Item if a event pattern must be awarded and earlier bids do not express  any preference.

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