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Event Module Processing Logic

Administrator allocation requirements must be met and take top priority. This means bid preferences can be denied to meet these requirements, however, senior bid preferences are not denied to meet bid preferences of junior crewmembers.

How your bid is processed is determined by requirement status and event pattern details. It is possible that there are no bidders  flagged as May Go.  See Must  Go Bidders and Junior Assign for more information on how to determine these qualities.

The N-PBS Scheduler considers all administrator requirements and bid preferences in seniority order as follows:

1. Satisfy all  Must Go requirements

2. Satisfy at  least the minimum May Go requirements or,  failing that, satisfy as many May Go requirements  as possible

3. Allocate all  seats on all training patterns with the Junior Assign flag or, failing  that, allocate as many Junior Assign seats as possible in total

4. Honor Bid Preferences  of the number 1 seniority person as well as possible

5. Honor Bid Preferences  of the number 2 seniority person as well as possible

6. Honor Bid Preferences  of the number 3 seniority person as well as possible and so on through  the training seniority list

How the N-PBS Scheduler Awards Training Patterns

When awarding training patterns the N-PBS Scheduler has  several run levels. In each level the N-PBS Scheduler attempts to satisfy  the priorities in the order given above. When the N-PBS Scheduler reaches  the bid honoring steps it attempts to rearrange awarded training patterns  match bid preferences of each bidder in seniority order. As the run levels  progress the N-PBS Scheduler uses a wider set of rearrangement techniques.

Run Level Processing Steps:

1. The N-PBS Scheduler  makes awards, or rearranges awards to satisfy all Must  Go requirements

2. The N-PBS Scheduler  makes awards, or rearranges awards to satisfy at least the minimum May Go requirements

3. The N-PBS Scheduler  makes awards, or rearranges awards to satisfy-as well as possible-the  training patterns flagged as Junior Assign

4. The N-PBS Scheduler,  in order of seniority, reads crewmember's bids and attempts to make awards  or rearrange awards to honor as many bid preferences as possible - these  rearrangement techniques become more complex as the run progresses

View Your Event Pattern Awards 

The Results screen displays the Reasons Report explaining  how the N-PBS Scheduler handled each of your bid preferences.

The Awards pane, at the top of the screen, displays your  absences that you may have before the run was completed. Each absence  is displayed on a separate line, arranged chronologically by date and  time.

Each bid preference is numbered, and appears on the Reasons  report followed by any training patterns that were awarded as a result  of the bid preference, and an explanation of how the bid preference affected your award.



The  Results tab shows you the scheduling results for the current training  bid period, but it does not display your final block.

Event Reasons Report Definitions 

This section explains all of the potential reasons that might appear on your Event Reasons report.

Awarded by previous bids:  X X number of event patterns matched this bid preference, and were  already awarded by a previous bid

Awarded to senior bidder:  event patterns matching this bid preference were already awarded to a  bidder with higher seniority than you

Complete Solution Not  Found:  no rearrangements exist to complete the award (including  all juniors) while maintaining all overall administrator constraints.

Not honored: this bid preference was denied

Pre-awarded to junior bidder: this event pattern was pre-awarded to a junior bidder

No event patterns available:  no event patterns that met your Avoid Patterns and Prefer Off bid preferences  were available to be awarded, usually because too many event patterns  were eliminated from the event patterns pool by your Avoid Patterns and  Prefer Off bid preferences

Partially honored: this Prefer Off bid preference was used, but there are also event patterns  that contradict a portion of this preference. If you submit a range of  dates that you want to be free of duty, the N-PBS Scheduler may be able  to honor part of the range but not all of it, resulting in a partially  honored bid preference.

Required for Junior Must Go bidders: – the event pattern is held by a junior Must  Go bidder, no rearrangements can be made to award the bid preference  and satisfy the junior's Must Go requirement

[Rule violation]: a legal consideration, prevented this bid preference from being honored  The rule is identified in the reason included on your report.

Would violate bid X: this bid violates a previous bid


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