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Training Reasons Report Definitions

This section explains all of the potential reasons that might appear on your Training Reasons report.

Awarded by previous bids: X X number of training patterns matched this bid preference, and were already awarded by a previous bid

Awarded to senior bidder: training patterns matching this bid preference were already awarded to a bidder with higher seniority than you

Complete Solution Not Found:  no rearrangements exist to complete the award (including all juniors) while maintaining all overall administrator constraints.

Not honored: this bid preference was denied

Pre-awarded to junior bidder: this training pattern was pre-awarded to a junior bidder

No training patterns available: no training patterns that met your Avoid Patterns and Prefer Off bid preferences were available to be awarded, usually because too many training patterns were eliminated from the training patterns pool by your Avoid Patterns and Prefer Off bid preferences

Partially honored: this Prefer Off bid preference was used, but there are also training patterns that contradict a portion of this preference. If you submit a range of dates that you want to be free of duty, the N-PBS Scheduler may be able to honor part of the range but not all of it, resulting in a partially honored bid preference.

Required for Junior Must Go bidders: – the training pattern is held by a junior Must Go bidder, no rearrangements can be made to award the bid preference and satisfy the junior's Must Go requirement

[Rule violation]: a legal consideration, prevented this bid preference from being honored The rule is identified in the reason included on your report.

Would violate bid X: this bid violates a previous bid

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