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Add a Training Bid

You can also analyze your training bid. The analyze functionality for training bids is the same as pairing bids. See the Bid Analyzer section for details.

To add a training bid:

1. Click on the Training tab. 



2. Click on the plus button to open the Training Preferences editor. The Training Preferences editor has the same functionality as the Pairing Preferences editor.

3. Use the Training Preferences editor to add bid preferences and its options.




4.     Click Apply to add the bid preference.

Avoid Voluntary Training 

Avoid Voluntary Training is ignored if your training requirement is Must Go.

Avoid Voluntary is ignored if training events need to be filled and bidders with more seniority have avoided voluntary training. Your administrator sets a requirement for the minimum May Go that must be filled. The administrator also sets the Junior Assign status to each training pattern, if a pattern is set as Junior Assign the N-PBS Scheduler must award all of seats on the pattern.

The placement of the Avoid Voluntary Training bid is important. This bid tells the N-PBS Scheduler that you would prefer to get no training unless a training pattern is ranked as preferred based on your Award, Avoid or Prefer Off bids above it. If you are still awarded a training pattern this bid is ignored and your entire bid is used to award you a training pattern.

Avoid Voluntary Training  after bid 3 tells the N-PBS Scheduler that you would prefer no voluntary training event if it cannot award you training that starts after 15:00 that gives you June 20th off while avoiding equipment type 2. If you cannot avoid voluntary training the N-PBS Scheduler will attempt to award training that starts June 15.

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