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View Training Patterns

The N-PBS Scheduler displays the results of a search on the Results tab. You can see summary information about each training pattern, but you can also view the complete details for one or more training patterns.

A training pattern with Yes beside Junior Assign means that the N-PBS Scheduler will award this training pattern to junior May Go and Early crewmembers even if they bid for no training patterns in the month. See Junior Assign and Avoid Voluntary Training.

There are two ways to view training reports. You can click on a Training Pattern Number to view the report in the Training screen. The instructions below show you how to view reports on a new screen.

To view training pattern details

1. Click one or more check mark beside the pattern number.




2. Click the Show Training Report button.



3. The Training Report or Reports are displayed in a new screen. Click the red X to return to the Training screen.

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