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Sample Bids - Concurrent Reserve

Scenario 1 

Jack is a commuter from SLC based in Long Beach. Jack can't  typically get to LGB when he commutes until 10am and has to leave by the  6pm flight out to avoid another night in a crash pad. Jack really doesn't  care when he works or where he goes although he typically likes one pairing  to LAS per month. His anniversary is this month and he would like to be  off from the 14th to the 17th, in that order of priority. One thing that  Jack likes to do is sleep at home whenever he can!

Scenario 2 

Jen likes to have the N-PBS system work for her. She lives  in base and doesn't really care when she shows and checks out. Jen likes  layovers in Mexico, preferably ones with at least 18 hours of layover  time. She would rather do CUN, but doesn’t mind AUA or SXM if she can’t  get CUN. She can always hold the Mexico pairings that depart on Mondays,  her preference. There was, however, one pairing that caught her eye. Pairing  J2148 really looked appealing and she wants to get this before anything  else, but only one since it looks like a tough one. If she has to fill  her block up to complete it, she would prefer one or two-day pairings.

Scenario 3 

Christmas is always a huge family celebration at Sue’s  place and she has to have the 24th and the 25th off. She doesn't care  if she has to be on reserve, she just needs the time off and she knows  with her seniority she can get these days off on reserve. Of course, if  she can have it off and fly then she just wants to work productive pairings  (more than six hours per day of average daily credit). She really prefers  turns (i.e. one day pairings) especially those that check out before 6pm  so she can see the kids before they go to bed.

Scenario 4 

Bill prefers not to fly with Bob (employee number 012345).  For flying, Bill likes to layover in JFK since his son is there with the  grandkids. He especially likes those layovers that are two-day pairings.  The three-day SFO and three days pairings in general are OK too. He would  prefer to not work with Bob, but he would rather have any of these pairings  before working any others - even if he has to work with Bob.


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