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How The PBS Scheduler Selects a Reserve Block

Unlike in a pairings bid group; when awarding a reserve  block the N-PBS Scheduler does not perform any optimization, such as substitution,  swapping or shuffling, nor does the N-PBS Scheduler enter denial mode. However,  Coverage Awards may occur to ensure proper coverage. The N-PBS Scheduler  tries to give people a reserve block that attempts to honor as many reserve  bid preferences as possible.

        when the N-PBS Scheduler starts processing a Reserve  bid group it reads the first line Start Reserve and checks to see if a  legal reserve line can be built, and then if possible, a legal reserve  block is built

        the N-PBS Scheduler reads the first bid preference  and  then attempts to build a reserve schedule honoring this bid preference

        the N-PBS Scheduler then reads all subsequent bid preferences,  in order from top to bottom, and attempts to build a reserve block honoring  as many of these preferences as possible keeping any preferences already  honored

        for example, if the first bid preference is honored  but the first and second together cannot be honored, the second preference  is denied and the N-PBS Scheduler reads the third preference and attempts  to honor preference 1 and 3; this process is continued until all bid preferences  have been attempted

        this type of processing awards the best possible Reserve  block using the bid preferences provided by the bidder

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