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Dates View

The dates view option allows you to see the bid preference  that adds a pairing to the Filtered or Preferred pool.

To use Dates View:

1. Enter your entire bid or a single bid preference.

2.  Click on the analyze button.

The Bid Analyzer opens at the bottom of the screen.

bid analyzer results


 3.  Click on the dates view button.


4. Click on a  heading to view results, Matching, (-)Filtered, Filtered, (+)Preferred  or Preferred.

5. Hover your  mouse or tap on a date with a yellow or green circle. Yellow indicates  that the pairing has been removed and green indicates that a pairing has  been added.


Note: you can only view one pairing instance at a  time.

When you move your mouse over a pairing with a circle  around it you can see the preferences associated with it. In the example  you can see that pairing L4000 is preferred by preferences 5 and 6. However,  the pairing is removed from consideration by bid 4.


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