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Entire Bid Results

 Before you begin this section you may want to take some time to review Positive and Negative Bid preferences and the Bid Preference section.

This section walks you through analyzing your entire bid. The steps below show you how to analyze your entire bid with the results inside

1.  Click on the bid preference to highlight it.

2.   Click on the analyze button.

3.   Click on the show results button.


There are 3 sets of numbers below each heading. These numbers indicate the number of pairings, pairing on dates and pairing instances.  

Pairings - how many pairings match the bid preference.

Pairing on Dates - how many times the pairing operates in the bid period.

Pairing Instances - how many positions are available on the pairing in the bid period. This number may be higher than pairings if there are more than 1 position on the pairing.

Matching - These numbers indicate how many pairings match the bid preference.

(-)Filtered - These numbers show how many pairings have been removed by the negative bid preference. These pairings won't be awarded unless denial mode is used.

Filtered - These numbers indicate how many pairings are in the available pairing pool. This is the number of pairings that the PBS Scheduler will consider when awarding your block unless denial mode is used.

(+)Preferred - These numbers show how many pairings have been added to the Preferred pool.

Preferred - These numbers indicate how many pairings are in the preferred available pairing pool. These are the number of pairings that match your bid preferences (what you have requested in your bid).


Entire Bid Results 

1. Start Pairings - Filtered:113:234:475  Preferred:0:0:0


Start Pairings is the system-generated bid at the start of every bid group you cannot edit or delete it. This tells you that there are 113 pairings available in your pairing pool. It's the start of the bid so you can't prefer or avoid pairings.

2. Set Condition Maximum Credit - Filtered:113:234:475  Preferred:0:0:0


You can't analyze Instruction, Waive and Set Condition bids. Nothing has changed so the numbers remain the same.

3. Avoid Pairings If Average Daily Credit < 004:00  - Matching:22:40:74 -(22:40:74) Filtered:91:194:401  Preferred:0:0:0


Avoid bids are negative bids that take away from your available pairing pool. This bid matches 22 pairings, so they are taken away and you are left with 91 (113 -22). No positive bids have been analyzed yet so the Preferred pool remains at 0.

4. Prefer Off Between Saturday and Sunday - Matching:64:114:257 -(32:99:228) Filtered:59:95:173 Preferred:0:0:0


This negative bid matches 64 pairings. The next set of numbers tells you that another 32 pairings were removed. Why were only 32 removed and not 64? Only 32 were removed because 32 of the pairings  that matched bid 3 were already removed. Therefore, you can tell that there are 32 pairings that match both bid 3 and 4. This leaves 59 (113  - (22 + 32)) pairings in your available pairing pool. No positive bids have been analyzed yet so the Preferred pool remains at 0.

5. Award Pairings If Departing On Monday, Tuesday - Matching:46:63:127 Filtered:59:95:173  +(37:51:107) Preferred:37:51:107


This positive bid matches 46 pairings, and because  this is positive bid the number of pairings in your available pool remains at 59 (Filtered). The next set of numbers tells you that 37 pairings were  added to your preferred pool. The preferred pool jumps from 0 to 37 because this is the first positive bid.

6. Award Pairings If Pairing Check-In Time > 09:00  Matching:57:91:209 Filtered:59:95:173 +(8:32:90) Preferred:45:83:197


This positive bid matches 57 pairings, and because  this is positive bid the number of pairings in your available pool remains  at 59 (Filtered). The next set of numbers tell you that 8 pairings have  been added to your preferred pool. Why were only 8 added and not 57? Only 8 were added because 49 of the pairings that matched bid 5 were already  in the preferred pool. Therefore, you can tell that 49 pairings match  both bid 5 and 6. The preferred pool grows to 45 (37 + 8).

7. Award Pairings Matching:113:234:475  Filtered:59:95:173 +(14:15:15) Preferred:59:98:212


Award Pairings is a system-generated bid that you cannot edit or delete. This tells you that there are 113 pairings available in your pairing pool. The next set of numbers tells you that you have removed 59 pairings with your negative bid preferences. The next set of numbers indicates that 14 pairings were added to your preferred pool. These pairings were neither avoided or bid for but can be added as possible awards. The preferred pool grows to 59 (45 + 14).


The final numbers:

Matching:113:234:475  - this is the number of pairings in the period for your category (available pairing pool).

Filtered:59:95:173 -  this is the number of pairings that you removed from your available pairing pool with the negative bids that you have entered.

Preferred:59:98:212 -  this is number of pairings that remain in your available pairing pool. Your negative bids negative bids removed pairings from consideration from the available pairing pool.

Note: Depending on your bids and how many times it operates (instances), the same pairing can be in both your Preferred and Filtered pool. Consider the following bid, Avoid Pairings If Departing on Monday If Pairing Numbers 1234. You are only avoiding pairing 1234 that depart on Mondays. You could still be awarded pairing 1234 if there is another instance of the pairing that departs on another day of the week. This places the pairing in both the Filtered and Preferred pool.

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