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Bid Analyzer

The Bid Analyzer only analyzes positive (Award) and negative  (Prefer Off, Avoid) bid preferences in Pairing bid groups. You cannot  analyze bid preferences in a Reserve bid group, nor does the analyzer  take into account Set Condition, Instruction or Waive bid preferences.

The Bid Analyzer is a tool that shows you how many pairings  match a negative or positive bid preference. It then shows you how your  bid affects the available pairing pool for your category. You can use  this information to determine how effective a bid preference or your entire  bid is. For example, if a bid preference doesn't match any pairings in  the available pool it won't have any affect on your award. If your negative  bids remove a large number of pairings or all pairings from your pairing  pool, some of your bids will be denied.

On a negative bid, the analyzer shows you how many pairings  are removed from the available pairing pool and on a positive bid, the  analyzer shows you how many potential pairings are in the pairing pool.  These are potential awards, if you see a pairing in the preferred pool  it does not mean that you will be awarded the pairing.

You can view the bid analyzer results for a single bid  or for your entire bid. The results can be shown in the bid or can be  shown below the bid along with the list of pairings that match the results.  

Follow the links below for more information on how to use the Bid Analyzer.

In-Bid Results

Pairing List Results

Entire Bid Results

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