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Clear Schedule and Start Next

Bid Groups are independent of each other. Bid Preferences are only relevant for the bid group they are contained in. Any Pairings awarded from previous bids are removed if a Clear Schedule and Start Next Bid Group is triggered.

Clear Schedule and Start Next can only be placed inside a Pairings bid group. You cannot attach this bid to another bid. By adding a Clear Schedule and Start Next bid, you tell the N-PBS Scheduler to clear your schedule of any awarded pairings and begin processing the next bid group. A Clear Schedule and Start Next bid is forced to the bottom of your bid group and any bid preferences added to that bid group are forced above the Clear Schedule and Start Next  bid preference.


If you use Clear Schedule and Start Next Bid Group, keep the following points in mind:

        the N-PBS Scheduler only uses the specific bid preferences you provide in the last bid group; optimization such as substitution and shuffling is performed to try and complete your schedule prior to executing the Clear Schedule and Start Next Bid Group command

        if you use this command in your last bid group the N-PBS Scheduler uses the system-generated bid groups to complete your block; this means that the N-PBS Scheduler will attempt to build you a pairings block using the Award Pairings system-generated bid preference, if a complete block still cannot be built the N-PBS Scheduler attempts to build you a Reserve block using the system-generated bid preference Start  Reserve

If you submit a bid with A CSSN bid in a bid group without a bid group after it, you will see the following message:


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