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Using Any or Every

*In most configurations Any and Every options are not available for Avoid Pairings Bid Preferences. If you do not see these options on your avoid bids you do not have them.

Avoid Every only removes pairings where every leg has the property that you want to avoid. For example, Avoid Pairings if Every Leg is Redeye does not remove pairings where not all legs are redeyes. It only removes pairings where every leg is a redeye.

Bid Preferences and Pairing Properties

There are two types of bid preferences to consider with Any and EveryBid preferences that award/avoid pairings with properties that are always present and properties that may not be present in a pairing.

Properties that are always present: Aircraft Type, Duty Legs, Duty On, Duty Duration and Employee Number. Pairings will always have at least one aircraft type, duty leg, duty on (and it's sub properties) and duty duration.

Properties that are not always present: Layover, Line Check Airmen, Split Duty, Charters, Sit Length, Redeyes, Enroute Check-In and Check-Out. There can be pairings that do not have any of these properties.  

If a pairing does not have these properties it will not match:

        If Every

        If Not Every  

        If Any

If a pairing does not have these properties it will match:

        If Not Any

Using Layovers as an example:

If Every Layover < 24:00

A pairing only matches if it has at least 1 layover AND every layover is < 24:00.

If Not Every Layover < 24:00

A pairing only matches this property if it has at least 1 layover AND not every layover is < 24:00.  For example, the  pairing must have at least 1 layover which is not < 24:00. A pairing  with zero layovers is not considered.

If Any Layover < 24:00

A pairing only matches this property if it has at least 1 layover < 24:00.

If Not Any Layover < 24:00

A pairing matches this property whenever it does not have  at least 1 layover < 24:00.

This includes pairings with zero layovers. It also includes pairings with at least 1 layover with no layovers < 24:00.

Deadhead Legs

The Any/Every options will not make any changes to whether deadhead legs count as matching.

In past releases, Flight Number would match if any leg (either deadhead or non-deadhead) matched. Therefore for this property, If Any will be matched if any leg (deadhead or non-deadhead) matches. If Every will only be matched if every leg (deadhead and non-deadhead) matches.

The properties Redeyes, Charter, Aircraft Type and Employee Number would previously have been matched only if a non-deadhead leg matched. Therefore for these properties, If Any will only be matched if at least 1 non-deadhead leg matches. If Every will be matched if every non-deadhead leg matches.

The property Landings In will include deadhead legs only if the bidder uses the option Counting Deadhead Legs.

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