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Prefer Off Bid Preferences

Prefer Off bid preferences request dates or days off during the bid period. You can select days of the week, specific dates or ranges of dates, and times of day that you want to be free of duty. Prefer Off bid preferences are negative bids that exclude pairings from consideration.

Limit (Award Pairings Only)

You can tell the N-PBS Scheduler to limit the number of pairings it awards you that match a specific bid preference. For example, if you like to have one or two four-day pairings in your block, but not three or four, you can tell the N-PBS Scheduler to award you no more than two four-day pairings by adding Limit 2 to your bid preference.

Award Pairings bid example

Award Pairings If Pairing Length = 4 Days Limit 2

        awards one or two pairings that are 4 days in length

add a limit, or cap, to the number of pairings awarded based on a single Award Pairings bid preference

Award Pairings bid example

Award Pairings If Charter Limit 2

        the N-PBS Scheduler awards you a maximum of two pairings that contain charter flights, even if more pairings match the bid preference

Limit only applies to the bid preference that you add it to.

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