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Reasons Report Definitions

This section explains all of the potential reasons that  might appear on your Reasons report.

Awarded by previous bids:  X X number of pairings matched this bid preference, and were already awarded by a previous bid

Awarded for coverage under a different bid pairings matching this bid preference were already awarded, and are listed under a different bid preference

Awarded to senior bidder pairings matching this bid preference were already awarded to a bidder with higher seniority than you

Awarded to senior shadow bidder pairings matching this bid preference were already awarded to a shadow bidder with higher seniority than you

Best Line Before the N-PBS Scheduler attempted to build a pairing block, but it could not  be built using your bid preferences and the criteria set by the Administrators,  so the N-PBS Scheduler moved to your next bid group, the results of this  attempt are listed in your Reasons report

Best Line Before Empty: No Pairing Awards Possible  the best line before is  empty, the N-PBS Scheduler could not build a block with the pairings left in the available pairing pool

Best Line Before Empty: Available Pairing Credit Insufficient (Line Not Attempted)   the previous pairing completion attempt produced an empty best line before because there was insufficient available pairing credit to build a line so it was not attempted

Best Line Before Empty: Block Time Limit Insufficient (Line Not Attempted)  the previous  pairing completion attempt produced an empty best line before because the N-PBS Scheduler calculated that a crewmember’s Block Time Limit makes  it unrealistic to complete a block

Best Line Before Empty: SLG Could Not Find Line Including Priority Stack Date an  SLG completion attempt produced an empty best line before because SLG quit early as it was required to include the priority stack date and could not

Beyond bid limit: X X number of additional pairings matched this bid preference, but none were awarded because you placed a limit on the bid preference

Bid denied this bid preference was denied, and there are pairings on your block that contradict this preference

Block is complete this bid preference was not used to build your pairings because your pairings block was already complete before reaching this point.

If a number appears after the ”Block is complete” reason, it indicates the number of pairings that matched the bid but were not awarded because your block was already complete. That is, it reached the minimum or threshold credit value.

Buddy cannot take pairing your buddy could not be awarded this pairing, so it can’t be awarded to you either

Could Not Build Complete Line with Pairing the pairing is available legally but cannot be used because it could not be fit into your block and still build a complete block

Does not help required language coverage the pairing is required to help with specific language coverage and the pairing does not help with your required language coverage

Filtered by higher bid: X X number of pairings matched this bid preference, but were filtered out of the available pairings pool by Avoid Pairings or Prefer Off bid preferences that were higher in your bid

Followed By sequence not found no series of pairings could be found that matched your Followed By bid preferences

Forgotten a Forget instruction was honored, and the N-PBS Scheduler ignored this bid preference

Honored this bid preference was used, and there are no pairings on your block that contradict this preference

Item overlaps with another:  X X number of pairings matched this bid preference, but overlapped with something already awarded

Matching: X the total number of pairings that match this bid preference

Maximum Max-Credit bidders Reached the maximum number of Maximum Credit blocks have already  been awarded

Maximum Reduced Lower Limit Line Reached the maximum number of RLL lines were awarded to senior bidders

Minimum Base Layover line condition violated the minimum base layover line condition could not be met with this bid preference, and some layovers are shorter than  the minimum time requested

Maximum Min-Credit bidders Reached the maximum number of Minimum Credit blocks have already been awarded

Needed for Legality this pairing was awarded from a lower bid preference to honor either a Min Days Off, Min Days On or Pattern  Set Condition bid preference

Not considered this bid preference was denied, but there are no pairings on your block that contradict this preference

Not-Considered Below Reduced Lower Cutoff you are below the RLL cutoff as defined by the administrator

Not-Considered Reduced Block this means that you are defined as a reduced block bidder; reduced block bidders cannot be awarded an RLL block

Not honored this bid preference was denied, and there are pairings on your block that contradict this preference

Not qualified for language you did not have the language qualification necessary for these pairings

Not used this bid preference was not used to build your block; either because your block was already complete or because you used a Clear Schedule and Restart  bid preference

No pairings available no pairings that met your Avoid Pairings and Prefer Off bid preferences were available to be awarded, usually because too many pairings were eliminated from the pairings pool by your Avoid Pairings and Prefer Off bid preferences

Partially honored this Prefer Off bid preference was used, but there are also pairings on  your block that contradict a portion of this preference. If you submit  a range of dates that you want to be free of duty, the N-PBS Scheduler may  be able to honor part of the range but not all of it, resulting in a partially honored bid preference

Restricted location  you were not qualified for the locations of the available pairings your personal profile restricts you from landing in stations in the available  pairings

[Rule violation]  an FAR rule, or other legal consideration, prevented this bid preference from being honored The rule is identified in the reason included on your report.

Over maximum credits for period the pairing would have caused your block to exceed the maximum credit value for the bid period

Prevents assignment of minimum GDO the pairing would have caused your block to contain more than two single GDOs

Too many above you were not awarded a reserve block because the number of reserve blocks already awarded to senior bidders exceeded your maximum number

Violates green on green the pairing could not be awarded without violating the green on green rule

Additional Messages

You may see the following messages at the top of your Reasons report. These messages indicate that the N-PBS Scheduler had to ignore some of your preferences in order to give you a complete block or meet legal requirements or airline targets.

Affected By Denial Mode  the N-PBS Scheduler had to deny some or all of your bids in order to build you a complete block

Affected by SLG  the N-PBS Scheduler could not build you a block using any of your preferences and reached the end of Denial mode, so your block was built using secondary line generation (SLG)

Affected By Coverage  a pairing or pairings were forced onto your block in order to meet airline targets for total number of pairings remaining in open time

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