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Award Reserve Line

Award Reserve Line 

This bid is only available in Standard Reserve. If you don't see this option it is not available.

The Award Reserve Line bid tells that the N-PBS Scheduler  that you want it to stop processing your bid and flag you as on Reserve.  Your Reserve block is built outside of the Navtech N-PBS System.

You can attach a Max Above X (X is the value that you enter) option to the Start Reserve Bid bid preference. The Else Start Next Bid  Group option is added automatically when you use Max Above. This indicates  that you want a reserve block, but only if the amount of reserve blocks  already awarded is less than the amount you entered. If this number has  not been met the N-PBS Scheduler moves to the next bid group.

Add an Award Reserve Line Bid - Standard Reserve

To Add an Award Reserve Line Bid:

1. Click the Start Bid Group button.

2. Click Award Reserve Line Bid.

a. Click on Award Reserve Line.

b. Click on Max Above.

c. Use the drop-down menu and arrows to add a number.

3. Click Apply.

The bid group is added to your bid. Else Start Next Bid  Group is added automatically if you use the Max Above option

Some Important Notes

        if you use Max Above, Else Start Next Bid Group will be added automatically

        the bid group can be moved above or below other Award Line Reserve Bid and  Pairings bid groups using the Cut, Copy and Paste or the Up and Down buttons

        the N-PBS interface will validate your bid when it is submitted, see Award Line  Reserve Bid Validation for more details

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