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Reduced lower limits (RLL)

Selecting the Reduced Lower Limit checkbox when adding  a bid group indicates that you wish to bid for a lower block. This means  that you are willing to take a block below the minimum credit window without  receiving a Reserve line. The N-PBS Scheduler will attempt to award you  an RLL pairing block only if it cannot award you a normal pairing block. The NAVBLUE PBS interface will not allow you enter an RLL bid group until you have entered a regular Pairing bid group.

The N-PBS Bidder validates your bid when you submit it, this confirms that an RLL bid group is placed after an unconditional Pairings  bid group. This ensures that the N-PBS Scheduler has attempted everything  it can before attempting to award you an RLL pairings block.

Reduced Lower Limit Details

You will not be awarded an RLL block if:

        you did not bid for it - the Scheduler cannot force an RLL block on a bidder

        the N-PBS Scheduler can build you a legal Pairing block

        the maximum  number of awarded RLL blocks has been reached or if you are below the  seniority cutoff - administrators set the number of bidders that can be  awarded an RLL block and the seniority cutoff

        you are a reduced block bidder

RLL Restrictions - Set Condition

Set Condition Maximum Credit and Set  Condition minimum Credit are available options in an RLL bid Group, however, these bids are not available in the RLL bid group. The Apply button remains inactive until you add a bid that is allowed in an RLL bid group.

        you are not  allowed to add Set Condition Maximum Credit  and Set Condition minimum Credit bid preferences  to an RLL bid group

        an RLL bid  group must be placed below a bid group, either Reserve or Pairing, without  an Else Start Next Bid Group or a Clear Schedule and Start Next Bid Group-  a Reserve bid group can be placed in between

Reasons Report

There are three messages related to the reasons report  informing you why you did not receive an RLL block:

        Maximum Reduced  Lower Limit Line Reached- the maximum number of RLL lines were awarded  to senior bidders

        Not-Considered  Below Reduced Lower Cutoff- you are below the RLL cutoff as defined by  the administrator

        Not-Considered  Reduced Block- this means that you are defined as a reduced block bidder,  reduced block bidders cannot be awarded an RLL block

Add an RLL bid 

To add an RLL bid:

1. Add a Start  Pairings or Start Reserve bid group. RLL bid groups are not available  until you have added at least one or more Reserve or Pairing bid group.

2. Click Start Bid Group.

3. Click Start Pairings.

4. Click Start Pairings on the Bid Preference Editor.

5. Click on Reduced Lower Limit. A green check mark is displayed  beside the text and (Reduced Lower Limit) is displayed beside Start Pairings  in your bid.



6. Click Apply to add the bid group to your bid.

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