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Split Duty blocks

Selecting the Split Duties checkbox when adding a bid group indicates that you wish to bid for a full block of split duty pairings. This means that you are willing to take a block of split duty pairings built to the split duty credit window set by your administrators. The N-PBS Scheduler will attempt to award you a block of split duty pairings using the bids you have entered in this bid group only. The bids entered  in this bid group only apply to pairings flagged as split duty. No pairings  not flagged as split duty will be awarded from this bid group and no bids  from other bid groups are used.

The N-PBS Bidder validates your bid when you submit it, this confirms that you don't have multiple Split Duty bid groups without an Else Start Next Bid Group option. You must have an Else Start Next Bid Group option in all of your pairing bid groups except for your last one. You can have one Pairing bid group and one Split Duty Pairing bid group in your bid; however, you must add the Else Start Next bid option if you add a third bid group, either Pairings or Split Duty Pairings bid group.

Split Duty Details

You will not be awarded a full block of Split Duty pairings  if you did not bid for it - the Scheduler cannot force a full split duty  block on a bidder. You can bid to add split duty pairings to your block  in a regular Pairings bid group, only use this bid group if you want a  full block of split duty pairings.

Split Duty Restrictions - Set Condition

        you are not allowed to add Set  Condition Maximum Credit and Set Condition  minimum Credit bid preferences to a Split Duty bid group

        a Split Duty bid group can be placed anywhere in a  bid, if you use multiple pairing bid groups you must use the Else Start  Next bid option

Set Condition Maximum Credit and Set  Condition minimum Credit are available options in a Split Duty  bid group, however, these bids are not available in the Split Duty bid  group. You will receive and error message when you add the bid to the Split Duty bid group.

Reasons Report

Like the Reasons Report for a Pairings bid group, the Reasons  Report for a Split Duty block shows the bid group and the reasons within  it. If you are awarded a split duty block, the split duty credit window  is displayed on your reasons report. The matching pairings display split  duty pairings only.


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