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Bids screen

Bids screen 

The Bids screen is where you enter and submit your bid.  


Bid types 

There are 3 bid types Current, Default and Training. The  background color varies based on the type.

Use the tabs to switch between the Current, Default and  Training Bids.

Current Bid

You can edit and submit your Current bid while the bid  period is open. The current bid has a white background. You can submit  your Current bid as many times as you want while bidding is open.



Default Bid

You can edit and submit your Default bid at any time, as  many times as you want, unless your administrator has locked the system.  The Default bid has a yellow background.  

Typically a Default bid is used if don't plan on submitting  a Current bid every month. Your Default bid carries over from month to  month if you don't submit a Current bid. Bid preferences are typically  a little more generic in Default bids. For example, instead of bidding  for specific dates off you may bid for days of the week off. If you bid  for specific dates it is only used in the month it is applicable. For  example, the bid, Award Pairings If Depart On  July 25, July 26 is used only in July, in other months it is ignored.

It is also a good idea to have a default bid submitted  as a back up in even if you plan on submitting a Current bid every month.  This will ensure you have a bid submitted in case you forget to submit  one for the current period.

Training Bid

You can edit your Training bid at any time unless your  administrator has locked the system.


Bid Preference Colors 

Each bid preference has a color associated it with it.



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