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Pairing / Bid preference editor

This section describes how to enter criteria to search  for pairings and add bid preferences. For information on how to search for pairings or add a bid, see Search for Pairings or Add a Bid.

There are many ways to enter criteria for searches and  to add options to your bid preferences. This list doesn't cover all of  the bid preferences but it does cover all of the methods that you will require to enter criteria.

When you open the Pairing Preferences editor on the Pairings screen or the Bid Preference Editor on the Bids screen you will see the list of options to either start a search or add a bid group or bid preference.



The Home button  returns you back to this list but it leaves your last selection checked.  If you were adding a Prefer Off bid you would come back here with it selected.  

The Close button  closes the Bid Preference Editor.

The Apply button  performs your search or adds your bid preference. The Apply  button remains gray until you have entered the proper criteria. Red text  at the top of the bid explains what criteria you are missing to search  or add a bid. On the pairing screen, white text, above the list of pairings  explains what criteria you are missing to perform a search. For example  if you want to search for or add Depart On dates and haven't entered any  dates you cannot select the Apply  button. When the Apply button  is blue you can click on it to add the search criteria or bid.

The Reset All button  returns you back to this list but it removes your last selection checked.

Entering criteria in search fields 

Results are returned as you enter numbers or text in the  search field. Click on item in the list to add it. You can click on multiple  items.

Times and numbers 

Use the arrows to move numbers up or down or type directly  in the field.

Calendar and lists 

Click on a date to add a single date. Click on a start  and end date to add a range of dates. Click on the day of the week to  add a single day or the week. Click on a start and end day of the week  to add a range.

Dates with Activities  - Dates where you have an assigned activity are underlined and grayed  out. You can tap or move your mouse or an activity to view the activity  code.

Click on the header above the list (labelled None Selected  in the screenshot above) to open the list. Click on an item in the list  to select it. As you click on items the number of items selected will  replace the text None Selected text and the item selected will be highlighted  and have a checkmark beside it. You can remove a single item from the  list by clicking on it again or you can click the  Reset button to remove all items. Click All  to select all of the items in the list.



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