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Before you can add bid preferences from the search screen

You can bid for or avoid pairings from the Pairing search  screen.

Before you can add a bid you must have an active Start Pairings bid group in your bid.

The blue highlighted bid indicates that it is the active  bid group (highlighted by red box in the screenshot). Click on the bid  1, Start Pairings to highlight the entire bid group. If you have multiple  Start Pairings bid groups the bid is entered in the active one below the  highlighted bid.

The inactive Start Pairings bid group screenshot shows  an inactive Start Pairings bid group. The first bid in the Start Reserve  is highlighted blue (shown with red box).

The following error message is displayed if you attempt  to add a bid without an active Start Pairings bid group.

Your current bid selection is not compatible with new  Award/Avoid Pairings Bid Preference. Please adjust your selection and  try again.


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