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Intro to the Pairings screen

The Pairings screen contains all the pairings available to you in your category. You cannot bid for pairings outside of your category. Use the pairing preference editor to search for pairings. You can also add bids for pairings from this screen. You can customize the pairing information displayed on the screen.

Show / Hide information 

When you are in the Information view you can choose the  pairing information you want to display. Click on the   Show/Hide Info button to change the information displayed. When you click  on the button the panel (shown below) is displayed.


Show/Hide Panel



The green arrow    indicates that the information is currently displayed. Click the    green arrow to hide the information. No check mark beside an item    indicates that the information is not currently displayed. Click    beside the item to display it in the information view.

Sort Pairings 



You can choose to sort pairings by Pairing Number, Check-In Time, Check-Out Time, Equipment, or Days. Use the Sort By: drop-down menu to make your selection.

When you have your list of pairings you can sort them in  ascending or descending order.

Sort pairings in descending order.

Sort pairings in ascending order.

Information view and date view 

You can switch between a table and date view on the Pairing  screen. The information view gives you a more detailed look at the pairing while the date view lets you know what day the pairing starts. You can customize what you see in the table view, see customize the table for  more information.

Information view


Dates view


The dates view shows you the start date of the pairing. Pairing D4004 starts every day except the 31st, this is indicated by the circle around the date. If you look at the screen shot you can see that the dates on the 1st and 2nd are grayed out. This indicates you are unavailable for these dates, either absence, training or carry-in. Your calendar also displays the dates that you have activities.

Use the calendar button  to toggle between the information and dates view.

Dates with Activities  - Dates where you have an assigned activity are underlined and grayed out. You can tap or move your mouse or an activity to view the activity code.


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