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Calendar screen

The Calendar screen displays your activities for the month and your rolling 365 day total block value (if you have it configured). These can be carry-in or in-period activities (pairings, training, vacation,  etc...). Absences and pairings are labeled.

These activities are imported by your administrator prior to the open of the bid period. You should view your calendar before you  create your bid, however you can see what days are unavailable to you when you are searching and bidding for pairings.

You can view your awards once your administrators have published them. 

Top gray bar 

See Buttons  for a list of the buttons on each screen and their function.

The gray bar near the top of the screen displays the date and includes the total in-period credit for the current bid period.

There are two calendars on the Calendar screen, and horizontal and vertical one. 

Horizontal calendar 

The horizontal calendar runs along the top of the screen. Dates that have pairings and absences are circled, pairings have a blue background and absences have a yellow background. The arrows beside the bid period date allow you to move to different bid periods.

Square or Flat calendar 

The calendar gives you two views to see more information on the activities assigned to you. It displays the start and end time of the activity and its credit. Carry-in activities display total and in-period credit. You can click on the pairing number or the icon beside it to view the pairing report. Your rolling 365 day block is displayed below each date. This information is imported by you administrator and may be a 0 if it doesn't apply to your operation.

Toggle calendar view

The first button in the row lets you choose how you want the calendar to display. You can toggle between views at any time when you are on the calendar screen.

Flat calendar

Square calendar

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