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Info Screen

The info screen is the first screen you see when you log in. 

The Info screen contains important information pertaining to you. This information that can assist you when you are creating your bid as you can see your seniority, carry-ins and bid information posted by your administrators. This page highlights the 4 main sections of the Info screen 

Bidder Details

This section is all about you. It contains all of your information as it pertains to bidding. The information displayed here varies based on your company's requirements. Contact your administrator if anything is incorrect or if you have further questions.

Pairing Distribution

The pie chart gives you a quick glance at pairing distribution for the active bid period. Pairings are broken down by length in days. In this example there are 64 one day pairings, 16 two day pairings and 21 four day pairings.

Bidding Information

This section is controlled by your administrators. Your administrators, using the Admin interface, have the ability to post messages they want to convey to you.

Upcoming Activities

This section displays a list of up to five of your next activities.

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