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Navigating around the application

When you log in you are taken to the Info screen, see Info screen for more information. 

The top blue header is visible from any screen. It always displays:

        start and end of the current bid period

        confirmation number of your last bid submission

        date and time of last submitted bid

        your name, category and seniority number

        online status, see Off-line and On-line Mode for more information

The gray header below the blue header changes to display information based on the screen you are using. The buttons vary depending on the screen and if you are on-line of off-line, see buttons for more information.
Use the panel on the left side of the screen to navigate to a screen. Depending on the size of your screen or browser the panel may collapse. Click on the arrow to make the panel appear and click it again to collapse.


There are no scroll bars on the NAVBLUE PBS interface, so if there is more information than can fit on the screen:

Windows or Apple PC

        right-click and hold mouse down

Touch Screen

        tap and hold on the screen and swipe down 


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