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The buttons on the top gray bar vary depending on what screen you are on and whether you are on or off-line.

The following list shows the buttons that are available from the top gray bar, a brief description of its function and screen location.   

 Sync Data - loads the latest pairing and bid information. Location - All, if on-line

 Help - access help, send a log file to admin, change email and password, or see release info and version number. Location - All     

 Log out - log out of the application. Remember to log out instead of closing the browser to avoid losing changes. Location - All     

 Download Schedule - download your calendar in the ics file format. The into a number of calendar programs such as Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal. Downloading the ics file from the Safari browser is currently not supported. You can download the file from another source and import into iCal. Location - Calendar     

 Switch to flat calendar view. Location - Calendar     

 Switch to square calendar view. Location - Calendar     

 Print - print pairing/training reports, bids, awards and Reasons Reports. Location - Pairings, Bids, Results and Training      

 Show/Hide Info - choose the pairing information that is displayed. Pairings, Bids and Training     

 Select/Deselect all Pairings - you must select a pairing before you can view the pairing report. This button allows you to quickly select or deselect all pairings. Location - Bids,Training

 Sort By - choose how you want the pairings listed. Options are: Pairing Number, Check In/Out Time, Credit Value, TAFB, L/O Stations, Positions, Equipment and Days. Location - Pairings, Bids and Training     

 Sort pairings in descending order. Location - Pairings, Results and Training

 Sort pairings in ascending order. Location - Pairings, Results and Training     

 Bid for selected pairing - an award bid preference is added to your bid. The bid cannot be added if you don't have a Start Pairings bid group started. If you have multiple bid groups the bid is placed in the active Start Pairings bid group. The bid cannot be added if a Start Reserve bid group is active. Location - Pairings and Training

 Bid to avoid selected pairing - an avoid bid preference is added to your bid. The bid cannot be added if you don't have a Start Pairings bid group started. If you have multiple bid groups the bid is placed in the active Start Pairings bid group. The bid cannot be added if a Start Reserve bid group is active. Location - Pairings, Results and Training

 View the pairing or training report for the selected pairing or pairings. You must first select a pairing before viewing a report. You can select multiple pairings or use the Select All Pairings button. Location - Pairings, Results and Training

 Open the Pairing or Training Preferences editor. The Pairing/Training Preferences editor allows you to narrow your search based on most of your Award and Avoid bid preferences. If the screen on your device or monitor is large enough and you have your browser at full screen you may not see this button. On larger screens the Pairing/Training Preferences editor is always present. Location - Pairings and Training

 Toggle between the dates view and pairing information view. See Information View and Dates View for more information. Location - Pairings and Training

 Delete All - delete your entire bid. Location - Bids and Training

Bid For: - drop-down menu to change the bid period. Location - Bids

 Submit - submit your bid. You can submit your bid as many times as you want until bidding closes. Location - Bids and Training     

 Save - save your bid. This does not submit your bid. Remember to log out instead of closing the browser to avoid losing changes. All changes are lost if you close the browser before saving changes. Location - Bids and Training

Results For: - use the drop-down menu to view results from past periods.Location - Results

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