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On-line / Off-line Mode

You can use the N-PBS Bidder to create your bid whether you  are off-line or on-line. However, before you can use it off-line you must first log in with an internet connection to sync pairing and other bidding data (absences and carry-in information).

Multiple users can't use the Navtech PBS interface on the same device, either on-line or off-line, unless they have synced  their data.

Also, you cannot submit your bid until you have a connection. If you are off-line, save your bid before logging out. If you are on-line  you can save or submit your bid at any time.

Bids Screen On-line Mode

When you are on-line the circle in the top right corner is green. When on-line the Submit and Sync Data buttons are available.

Bids Screen Off-line Mode

When you are off-line the circle in the top right corner is gray. The Submit and Sync  Data buttons are not available.

Use the Save button to make sure any changes you make to your bid are not lost. The Save button is only active if your changes are not saved. You are prompted to save any changes if you log out before saving your bid. It is important to log out of the bidding interface instead of closing the browser. There is no prompt to save your bid   if you close the browser.

If you are off-line you cannot change your password or email.

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